Cameron and Her husband have booked an Appointment with the notorious….Dr. DANIELS!!! Dr. DANIELS has a reputation as being….well……a "Humiliatrix"! As soon as Dr. DANIELS hears from Cameron that Her Pig of a husband is always trying to "stick his thing inside Her"…..Dr. DANIELS immediately orders the husband down to the floor….and shows Cameron how to Humiliate him by Shoving Feet in his face. Cameron is instructed by Dr. DANIELS to Force Her husband to smell and lick Her Feet…while Dr. DANIELS plays footsie with his cock, through his pants. After a few moments of Instructing Cameron on the ways of inflicting Foot Humiliation….Dr. DANIELS trades places with Cameron….and the Skilled Humiliatrix shoves BOTH Her nyloned Feet into the Pig’s mouth at the same time. Cameron is VERY impressed!! After tasting Dr. DANIELS’ feet for a few moments…Dr. DANIELS shows Cameron another trick….as the Dr. Squats down on the Pig’s face….and Forces him to Lick Her Asshole!! Cameron is, again VERY impressed with the Humiliation that the Doctor is inflicting upon Her husband. Dr. DANIELS stands up…and tells Cameron to Squat on Her husband’s face…..and Force him to lick his Wife’s Asshole. To end the first Session….Dr. DANIELS tells Cameron that Her husband is to be Milked in shame….so Dr. DANIELS tells Cameron to administer a Footjob to Her husband. Cameron uses Her Fishnet Stockinged Feet to Milk Her husband….and just as he is ejaculating…..Dr. DANIELS takes the filth into Her own mouth….and spits it all over the Pig!!! As She is spitting his own cum on him, Dr. DANIELS says to Cameron…."there….that’s what I think of your husband!!!"

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