A nice, normal Couple are home watching TV in their Living Room….when there is a knock at the door. Who could it be? It’s Tiny SAMMY….from the Jerky Girls Of America!! Mrs. Benson answers the door…and looks down to see little SAMMY standing there…holding a bottle of baby oil….doing the official "Jerky Girls Of America Salute". SAMMY goes on to explain "Hello, I’m SAMMY from The Jerky Girls Of America…we are going door to door in your neighbourhood…..looking for boys to Jerk-Off….while we stick our Feet in their face….are there any boys here I can Jerk-Off with my Feet in their face?". Mrs. Benson tells SAMMY that the only "boy" in the house is Her husband Jack…but, of course she is welcome to Jerk him Off….with Her Feet in his face. Mrs. Benson invites SAMMY inside and introduces Her to Jack. Jack is ordered to lie down on the floor and get his pants off, so SAMMY can begin. SAMMY shoves Her Tiny Size 5 Feet in Jack’s face…and his Wife orders him to Suck SAMMY’s Sexy Feet, while the little Jerky Girl Beats him Off. As SAMMY Jerks Her husband’s cock….Mrs. Benson confesses to SAMMY that when She was young….She was a Jerky Girl too!!! SAMMY invites Mrs. Benson to help in the Milking of Her husband! With SAMMY’s Feet being Licked/Sucked/Worshipped……the two Girls take turns Pulling the cock…until SAMMY makes the cock explode with several cum spurts. SAMMY gets up….says "thank you"….and She is off to the next house!!!

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